Отзывы студентов

“I chose IT because I always loved programming and I want to know how to be a pro. The course is better than I expected. The professors are nice and know what they are talking about”

Sculley Peter Edwin, 1st year IT, USA

“We have well trained, highly skilled and qualified professional lecturers who interact with students very well. They give us maximum attention to ensure we understand what they teach. To add on to that, we have a well equipped computer room with all facilities required for effective learning. I love the English medium teaching process!”

Ngolo Joan N’Thoki, 2nd year IT, Kenya

“It has been great experience studying here. And I have gained a lot from the professors. They are the masters of what they know and they have a great method of teaching. So it was a very good decision to come to study here.”

Iqbal Muhammad Saad, 3rd year IT, Pakistan