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We would like to invite you to our Summer School Program, where you will be able not only to learn Russian but also get acquainted with diverse and fascinating Russian culture!

The duration of the Program is 4 weeks: July 7th - August 4th 2014. The Russian Language Summer School Program includes 20 academic houres a week along with 2 classes of Country Studies. During our classes you will learn a live, modern language and many other new and exciting things.

The classes are conducted by highly-qualified trainers. All of them are UNN graduates and outstanding specialists not only in Philology, but also in Psychology and Culture Studies. They will teach you about Russian history and culture, character and habits of Russians. Together with them you will set off to a breath-taking journey into the unexplored and beautiful Russia. And you will also be able to make friends with students from different countries of the world.


All the classes involve active learning methods, thats why they are the most effective and unwearying. Multimedia tools, audio-visual materials and Internet sources are also actively used in class. The course also includes interactive games, discussions, development and discussion of the projects created by students. If desired, field trips, visits to museums, zoos, theaters and cinemas can be organized for students.


Students have many opportunities to spend their leisure time in the City of Nizhni Novgorod, located in the very heart of the country. You can travel to Moscow, Vladimir and Suzdal the oldest and the most magnificent cities of Russia, see the unique Makaryev Monastery, visit Diveyevo the largest center of pilgrimage, and Boldino, where Russian genius poet Alexander Pushkin created some of his masterpieces.

Nizhni Novgorod also hosts many summer festivals, fairs, concerts. The night life of the city is also very comprehensive.

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So, welcome to the Summer School. Dont miss your chance to get to know the amazing country of Russia.

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