Bachelor's Programme "Information Technologies" in English

3.4KbToday the demand for specialists in Information Technologies in the international labour market is very high. The Faculty for International Students of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod offers an exclusive Bachelors programme in Information Technologies taught in English.

4.2KbUNN is engaged in successful cooperation with major international IT companies like Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems, NVIDIA that provide the University with advanced computer equipment and software. This ensures that the educational process is based on the latest achievements in this field of science and technology. At the University, there are research laboratories established with the support of Intel Corporation as well as educational centres of Microsoft and Cisco Systems. In 2005 Bill Gates, president of Microsoft Corporation, named the University of Nizhni Novgorod among the worlds ten leading universities in the field of high-performance computing. In 2013 UNN built the powerful supercomputer "Lobachevsky", which is the second fastest supercomputer in Russia.

3.3KbThe Bachelors programme Information Technologies in English is aimed at training experts in high-level programming for hi-tech companies of the information industry.

Teachers, working in this programme, are all recognized experts in4.6Kb various fields of science, Doctors and Candidates of Science. Multimedia presentations in Microsoft Power Point are available for all study courses of the Information Technologies programme. Classes take place in specialised multimedia classrooms suited for lectures and presentations as well as for practical training on modern personal computers.

The curriculum and programmes of studies have been developed with the account of the specific nature of this course intended for international students. Teachers take into account different levels of international students knowledge in mathematics. A special introductory course helps to equalize the students level in mathematics. The programme of studies in Information Technologies is envisaged by Computing Curricula 2001 recommended by such international organizations as IEEE-CS and ACM.

Graduates of the Bachelors programme Information Technologies are prepared for the following activities in their professional sphere:

  • scientific and research work in the field of theoretical informatics, as well as development of new information technologies;
  • design and application of new information technologies, realized in the form of systems, products and services;
  • application of information technologies in project designing, management and financial activities.

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