Master's Programme "Mathematics and Computer Science" in English


Masters degree programme in mathematics and computer science aims at developing professionals for systems integrators and software companies, large and medium-sized enterprises with their own IT departments, research organizations conducting research and development in the field of high technology.

Graduates of the Programme are specialists in the field of mathematics and computer science. The Master's programme focuses on computer modeling, simulation and visualization of technological and economic processes. This allows graduates to work not only in the field of information technology where they need to process and present the information, but also in areas requiring the development of mathematical models, data analysis, developing computational algorithms and their implementation.



The students study a series of mathematical disciplines (Contemporary Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms, Discrete Dynamical Systems, Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations, Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems, etc), and a series of computer science disciplines (Computer Technology in Natural Sciences and Business, Microarchitecture Processors and Programming, Computer Geometry and Topology, Simulation and Computer Modeling in Economics and Social Sciences, Mathematical Modelling, Visualization of Dynamical Systems, and others).

Duration: 2 years

The programme starts October 15, 2014

Application deadline: August 15, 2014