Master's Programme "Management" in English

A Master's degree in management is gaining popularity in business education, and the number of students enrolled in the programme is growing rapidly worldwide. The programme is designed to train professionals skilled in market research technology, creation and development of competitive businesses, management of large companies, who can also be involved in research and teaching.

Master of management is a potential senior manager, responsible for the strategic development of the company, analyst-researcher, consultant and trainer for organizations in different industries.

Training in the programme focuses on an in-depth study of:

General and specific functions and information technology management;

Methods of solving modern operational, tactical and strategic problems of the development of enterprises and organizations;

Modern domestic and foreign forms and methods of governance;

Internal relationships between supervisors and subordinates, and ways to address specific problems in such relations, with a focus on creating a favorable psychological climate.

The programme includes such courses as "Mathematical Modeling in Financial Management, Financial Markets and Financial-Credit Institutions", "Contemporary Problems of Finance, Financial and Monetary Management of Economy, Finance of Organizations in the Innovation Economy, Modern Concepts of Financial Management, Investment Management, etc.

Duration: 2 years

The programme starts October 15, 2014

Application deadline: August 15, 2014