Faculty for International Students


The faculty for International Students was established in 2005 to ensure UNN strategic development in the sphere of export of education and further integration into the international educational environment. Today at the Faculty there are around 470 students from over 65 countries of the world (Asia, Africa, Europe, America and ex-USSR area).

International students are offered at UNN a wide range of study programmes, among which are the following:


On completing their studies, UNN students may gain a European supplement to the Diploma of Higher Education, which follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES.

International students live in a comfortable student dormitory, which is situated on the university campus in immediate neighbourhood of the city centre.

Student life at UNN is rich in various events. Numerous cultural, entertainment and sport events take place during each academic year. Due to these events international students have a unique opportunity to participate in cultural interchange and make friends all around the world.